Samsung Washing Machines – 2019 review

Samsung came up with something exciting when talking about their newest washers.

The technology is called QuickDrive and does an interesting thing to help you wash laundry better.

The back of the drum turns counter-clockwise during washing so it produces a pulsating effect moving the water and clothes in all directions.

This water movement provides a quicker and better wash than other washing machines.

QuickDrive explained

Quick Drive is the name Samsung chose  for the new technology. This technology translates in simple benefits for you: it is reducing washing time and energy consumption.

In the manufacturer’s tests, a QuickDrive washing machine reduced washing time up to 50% and 20% and had a lower energy consumption.

Tests were done by washing cotton fabrics but the benefits of this technology should also be visible when washing different articles of clothing.


Other features

Quick Drive, along with ecoBubble, should deliver excellent results when you want an economical washing machine which also cleans your clothes 100%.

What’s also new Samsung new on washing machines in 2019?

They’ve become smarter, just like you’ve expected.

Now they can be controlled with ease from a smartphone.

You can program the washing machine from your smartphone, choose the washing time or you can analyze how the washing machine is used.

Samsung’s app gives you lots of data:  how many washes per month, the most used programs, when cleaning is needed, etc.

You also have the option to diagnose problems quickly and find a solution to a certain error. Using the smartphone, you can load new programs into washing machine’s memory.

The fastest and most effective washing program

Super Speed ​​daily wash program should finish cleaning 5 kg of clothes in just 39 minutes, which is welcome.

In general, short washing programs can’t clean a large number of clothes, but Samsung changed that.

How reliable are the Samsung washing machines in 2019?

Samsung’s washer have a Digital Inverter motor that has a 10-year warranty. So, it should work on average about 20 years.

That’s good news, let’s see how long the other parts of the washing machine stand.

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